K1 Speed Racing in The Bay Area

You may not be able to speed on your daily commute. But at K1 Speed you’re free to speed it up with a European Motor sports feel. At K1 Speed you’ll have the chance to experience electric Pro Karts on a professionally designed indoor race track. Don’t let the word “electric” fool you into thinking that they won’t be any fun. These Pro Karts aren’t like any other go-karts. They’re Italian electric Pro Karts with 20 horsepower and zero emissions. To top it all off these Pro Karts are also eco-friendly! K1 Speed tracks deliver a balance of straightforward lanes and tight corners that guarantee intensity as you drive by. Continue reading


Top 6 Thriller Rides at California’s Great America

Great America in Santa Clara is the place to go to when seeking thrilling roller coasters for the entire family to enjoy. The amusement park includes thrill rides, kid rides, water rides and a water park called Boomerang Bay. Located in the South Bay, Great America offers visitors a chance to have blast without traveling farther down south to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia or Disneyland in Anaheim.

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Top 6 Family Rides at California’s Great America

Amusement parks are fun and all, but sometimes you have friends or family who are not willing to fully join you in your thrilling adventures. Or sometimes you have younger siblings or children who want to have fun but can’t ride the bigger rides like Gold Sticker and Flight Deck. That’s where California’s Great America comes in, it’s a fun amusement park with various rides to choose from and anyone can enjoy.

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Big Sur Getaway

Life in the Bay Area can become a life of routine. For any commuter averaging a total of 40 minutes or more to arrive at their job on Monday through Friday, it can quickly become a total drag. Fortunately for us mere commuters we live in the Bay Area, home to many beautiful parks. Big Sur is one of these places and its located just south of the bay and past Monterey Ca. You’ll head south on a miniature road trip down Highway 1. Take a day off, head to Big Sur, or even better spend a whole weekend there. Every once in a while, we need a feel of adventure and Big Sur is surrounded by incredible wilderness and scenery that will keep you on your toes.

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The City at Night

Have you ever been to the City by the Bay at night? We all know that San Francisco is know for its beautiful skyline and scenery. But when the sun sets under the horizon and the the city lights glare into the bay, San Francisco is absolutely stunning. Who says you need Paris when you can simply head over to San Francisco at night.
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