The Wave Organ

The Wave Organ happens to be one of San Francisco’s best kept secrets. This gem is a unique arrangement of rocks and pipes that amplify the sound of waves and literally create acoustic sounds.The structure was designed by the artist Peter Richards, as a new project for the Exploratorium in 1986.

With help from the wind and the ocean the waves that crash against the craved granite and marble pipes create a treasured ocean melody. The sound and the tone of the Wave Organ varies according to the time and the current volume of air in the area. Therefore, the best time to truly hear the natural melodies of the ocean is during high tide.

It is located at Yacht Road, farther down from the Golden Gate Yacht Club in the San Francisco Bay. Scheduling a time to visit this wonderful place is no hassle because it is open all day, everyday. Check out, but keep in mind that the best time to visit is during high tide.

Once you arrive, you can also enjoy an excellent view of San Francisco’s Marina District, the skyline of downtown, the Golden Gate Bridge, the East Bay Hills, and even Sausalito. Or it can be a perfect place to slow down your day. Arrive and take a moment to enjoy the wilderness around you. The city is an incredible place full of excitement, but sometimes all you need is to simply experience the soothing sound of waves.