Top 5 SF food staples

The Bay Area is notorious for its food, but one city in the bay knows it dominates the region with its increasingly popular food staples.

1.  Sourdough bread

Sourdough bread just screams San Francisco. Its taste is like no other and it complements one of the best hot plates out there. Yip, you guessed it… clam chowder and bread bowls are a pair matched in heaven.

2. Phil’s Cafe

What was once a single coffee shop in the Mission District of San Francisco is now a premium quality preferable coffee choice for Bay Area locals.  You simply can’t go wrong with a medium house roast Tesora in the morning or an iced Mint Mojito in the afternoon. The shop, the atmosphere, and most importantly the coffee simply have a uniqueness so special you would’t mind spending all your money on a signature cup of coffee.

3. Cioppino

If you’re craving sea food you’re in luck, because you can find various restaurants that include the legendary fisherman’s stew in their menus. I’m taking about a cioppino stew so good and loaded with shellfish, octopi, and crab legs all together in a perfectly seasoned tomato soup.

4. Mission Burritos

“Mission Style Burritos” are well respected culinary delicacies. Okay….okay… so they may not be the fanciest or healthiest of meals in all of San Francisco. But, they are perfect arrangements of food that create a special taste. A single burrito includes cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo, carne asada, rice, and pinto beans all wrapped up in a large flour tortilla.  Let’s just say that a “Mission Style Burrito” is a holy grail wrapped in aluminum foil.

5. It’s-It

An It’s-It is made of two deliciously placed oatmeal cookies with a big scoop of ice crea, in between them. That’s not all. all It’s-Its are perfectly dipped into chocolate. What more could you want in an ice cream cool snack. Go buy one and give your taste buds a little loving.