Top 6 Family Rides at California’s Great America

Amusement parks are fun and all, but sometimes you have friends or family who are not willing to fully join you in your thrilling adventures. Or sometimes you have younger siblings or children who want to have fun but can’t ride the bigger rides like Gold Sticker and Flight Deck. That’s where California’s Great America comes in, it’s a fun amusement park with various rides to choose from and anyone can enjoy.

1. Rip Roaring Rapids
This a water ride full of excitement. Imagine river rafting but on a much more small and safer scale. Up to six people can ride together, therefore it’s ideal for groups of friends and families of six to ride together.

2. Psycho Mouse
This a ride full of drops, twists, ups, and downs that by the end of the ride you’re hair will become a total mess.

3. Carousel Columbia
It is a classic ride for both adults and children. It is considered the world’s tallest double-decker carousel. As you walk closer you’ll be able to fully capture its massiveness. One thing is for sure, it’s not a wild ride. However, it’ll give you a cute carnival vibe, and it’s a perfect spot to take some cute pictures. If you bring the whole family takes advantage of this spot. Or maybe save this ride for last, after a marathon of thriller rides the carousel can bring you back down and settle the nerves. 3.

4. Celebration Swings
Imagine Carousel Columbia after taking 1 to many espresso shots. Yeah, that’s the level of thrill you’ll feel when riding Celebration Swings. It’s just as colorful as the carousel, but this ride consists of swings that lift up flying and twirling 40 feet above the ground. Older children and adults are sure to enjoy this ride.

5. White Water Falls
It can get hot at an amusement park real quick. Depending on your current location walking towards Boomerang Bay Water Park can seem like a drag. Thankfully, you can find White Water Falls near the center of California’s Great America, and you won’t have to walk so far for a place to cool down. This ride a goes down a 45-foot slope and splashes through a 20-foot wave of water. The intense is real and the coolness is appreciated. Just keep in mind that you’ll be soaked in water for a while.

6. Mass Effect: New Earth
If you’re searching for a visual experience check out this dynamic attraction. California’s Great America teamed up with Electronic Arts to create a 3D visual and motion-based seating theater to showcase a short fictional film. The theater allows the audience to experience the film with sound, visual graphics, 3D and 4D motion and moving seats. It a short fictional film about traveling to outer space and distant planets while unintentionally encountering bad space villains. The ride screams science fiction and achieves a short but thrilling adventure.

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