Top 6 Thriller Rides at California’s Great America

Great America in Santa Clara is the place to go to when seeking thrilling roller coasters for the entire family to enjoy. The amusement park includes thrill rides, kid rides, water rides and a water park called Boomerang Bay. Located in the South Bay, Great America offers visitors a chance to have blast without traveling farther down south to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia or Disneyland in Anaheim.

Thrill Rides
1. Gold Striker
To many visitors, the Gold Striker is their favorite ride primarily because it’s the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in the Bay Area. You’ll wait in line eagerly to get on as you hear the roller coaster zoom past you. The sound of people screaming will pump you up even more. The ride takes pairs of two so your group of friends might need to split up. But once on the ride, you’ll be too excited to even care who sits next to you. As you reach the peak you’ll think that you’re brave enough to raise your arms up.

2. Flight Deck
Before it used to be called Top Gun, after the paramount film Top Gun starring Tom Cruise. Now it’s called Flight Deck, and its popularity remains just as high. Flight Deck is a suspended jet coaster with a 360- degree vertical loop, two 270-degree afterburn turns, a full-circle wingover and a zero-gravity roll. No wonder people love this thing! You’ll move high in the air and then swift inches above a river down below, so fast that you’re eyes will dry.

3. H.M.B Endeavor
This is a classic swing back and forth ride. What really makes this ride a thrill is the split second it leaves suspend in the air while upside down. For a moment you think that that the latch holding you in place will open and you’ll fall straight down into the artificial lake below. The thrill further intestines when you see and hear how the pennies in people’s pockets fall straight down. So, just remember that anything in your pocket will surely fall out on this ride.

4. Demon
The Demon is a Great America original. If you’re into loops and speed then you’ll definitely won’t want to miss this ride.

5. Drop Tower
The Drop Tower will make you feel all kinds of ways! The hardest thing to do is actually decide to get in line because you’ll keep asking yourself if you’re ready or not to experience such a drop. Once you’re on it there’s no going back. You’ll reach the very top and you’ll stay there for a good minute. And then you’ll drop! But wait it’s just a tease drop, and you’ll nervously laugh it off. Then midway into your laughter, you go straight down. You’ll feel the force of gravity and deal with it by screaming. Before you know it you’re back at the bottom, relieved that you made it through without crying. The Drop Tower is a true punch of thrill.

6. Xtreme Skyflyer
This is one is for the very brave ones. The ultimate thrill junkies. It’s basically the like the Drop Tower only ten times more extreme. Once you drop from the very top you’re free falling. It’s just you and a sling string attached to your body. If you ride this, I applaud you!

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