K1 Speed Racing in The Bay Area

You may not be able to speed on your daily commute. But at K1 Speed you’re free to speed it up with a European Motor sports feel. At K1 Speed you’ll have the chance to experience electric Pro Karts on a professionally designed indoor race track. Don’t let the word “electric” fool you into thinking that they won’t be any fun. These Pro Karts aren’t like any other go-karts. They’re Italian electric Pro Karts with 20 horsepower and zero emissions. To top it all off these Pro Karts are also eco-friendly! K1 Speed tracks deliver a balance of straightforward lanes and tight corners that guarantee intensity as you drive by. K1 Speed facilities also offer their guest a lobby with comfortable seating, plasma TVs, video games, a cafe, and museum filled with speed race memorabilia. It’ll have you feeling like an actual speed racer. Before you know it at 45 mph you’ll get caught up in the thrill and excitement of go cart racing. There’s two locations in the Bay Area, one in Santa Clara and the other in South San Francisco.

K1 Speed Santa Clara
-2925 Mead Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95051
-It’s open 7 days a week
-It’s a facility of 50,000 sq.ft.

K1 Speed South San Franciso
-160 Beacon St., South San Francisco, CA 94080
-It’s open 7 days a week
-It’s a facility of 60,000 sq. ft.

1. You must listen to the rules!

2. Check Groupon, here you’ll find deals and help you show your wallet some mercy.

3. It’s better if you make a reservation.
Otherwise, you’re looking at an hour to two-hour wait. Customer service will email you to answer any questions, respond to any concerns, and remind you of your upcoming reservation.

4. It’s better to have a helmet that’s slightly tighter than slightly loose.
As your racing, the helmets provided tend to move back and forth, therefore a larger helmet will likely cause discomfort or annoyance as you speed your way through the race track.

5. Chances are that you’ll want to bump into some else’s Pro Kart, but keep in mind that this action will cause you a sore neck or back. Will bumping into things be worth it?

6. Perfectly your Pro Kart diving skills will probably take some time. Don’t worry too much about it, simply enjoy your time on the track. Before you know it your braking and turning skills won’t feel as harsh.

7. Don’t keep your cell phone in your pocket! Trust me you don’t want it fly out cause an accident, hurt somebody, or break.

8. Before you leave check out their large projection screens featuring live speed kart racing.

9. If you want to bring a recording device such as a GoPro you must bring your own compatible helmet.

10. Bring your own food, K1 Speed does not enforce strict outside food restrictions.


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