6 South Bay Food Staples

In the South Bay, you’ll find food of all sorts. You’ll discover that there’s an abundance of locally based food restaurants with food so good that you’ll definitely keep coming back for more. There’s something special about locally owned food stops. Whether it’s the atmosphere, quirky names on the menu or the actual taste of the food you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth. Here’s a list of South Bay located food staples shouldn’t miss out on.

1. Bill’s cafe

Bill’s Cafe is a thriving mom and pops restaurant chain in the South Bay
They have been offering breakfast, lunch, and cocktails since 1977, and now have seven locations open for hungry customers. Breakfast is their specialty and for good reason. They have it all pancakes, waffles, omelets, skillets, scrambles, and benedicts. Also, you can’t go wrong with Bill’s steak and eggs. I recommend their signature recipe for bread pudding french toast if you’re craving something sweet.

Their wide range menu sounds so good, that you’ll dedicate a mission for coming back and trying something new each time.

Quality food with excellent service what more could you ask for from a great South Bay-based restaurant.
2. Poki Bowl

Poki Bowl offers a menu full of Hawaiian, Asian Fusion seafood. Think of it as a sushi restaurant, but rather than ordering fish in sushi roll you’re ordering fish in a bowl. They offer a variety of bowl combinations, but the best part is that you’re free to make your own custom bowls. You can either select a regular bowl of three scoops of fish or large bowl of four scoops. First, you select a base which can be rice, chips, or mixed greens. After you select your sides which can include spicy tuna, tuna, salmon, yellow tail, octopus or shrimp. Then you select a sauce and finally, the best part, you select your toppings which include avocado, crab meat, green onion, Masago eggs, seaweed mix, sesame seeds and much more.

To be honest, I’m not sure which is better making the Poki bowl or eating it afterwards.
3. Pizz’a Chicago

Pizz’a Chicago makes the best pizza in downtown San Jose. I know it’s a bold statement but have no doubt this place makes deep dish pizza so good you’ll think you’re in heaven. If for some reason their pizza doesn’t fill you up try their cannolis.

Stop by eat some deep dish pizza and head on over to a San Jose Sharks game right after. SAP Center is only a couple blocks away.

4. The Happy Hound

Unfortunately, there’s only one location in the South Bay. The Happy Hound serves hot dogs and burgers in a small shop in Los Gatos, CA. If you’re looking for a quick delicious meal this is is the place to go to. At first sight, the hot dogs appear overloaded with cheddar cheese and ingredients, but as soon as you take a bite the flavors mix so well and it’s glorious.

5. La Victoria Taqueria

Otherwise known as “La Vic’s” by locals is popular for its Carne Asada burritos and signature “Orange Sauce”. La Vic’s is another thriving Bay Area restaurant chain that keeps people coming for food. If you’re craving Mexican food then definitely stop by.

6. Aqui Cal-Mex
Famous for their popular Swirls. Aqui Cal-Mex has created the perfect recipe for frozen alcohol fruity drinks. It’s a great place to have some drinks with your friends but always remember to drink responsibly.

The two most popular locations are in Campbell, CA and Willow Glen, CA. Here the atmosphere is great, the service is great, and you’re wallet will stay great.