Great America’s Halloween Haunt

Halloween is around the corner and Great America is always ready to give the crowd a good scare with their annual Halloween Haunt. This year they have a new scare attraction that will definitely give you the creeps. For now, let’s just say if you don’t like hospitals then BEWARE! The Halloween Haunt is located at the Great America Parkway in Santa Clara, CA and opens on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in the month of October. After buying your tickets you’ll have admission to mazes, rides, scare zones and spooky shows.

If you’re up for it and really trying to soak in a good Halloween scare then this attraction is especially for you. The newest attraction at Great America’s Halloween Haunt is a virtual goggle headset complete with outside noise canceling headphones. This scare attraction makes you sit down and tied onto a hospital chair in what looks like a hospital room. But who cares? You know that you’re just sitting in a chair in the middle of Great America. However, as soon as you’re geared up with these virtual FearVR goggles. You’re chilled back attitude will quickly change. At first, you feel excited to see what will happen after waiting in anticipation just to try on the virtual goggles. Then you’ll feel your heart rate speed up, and you’ll clinch your tied up hands onto the chairs arms rest. Before you know it you’re stuck in a virtual horror immersed in a disturbing hospital treatment. It’s about perception, and you’ll know that it’s not real, but it’ll still get to you, and it’ll still FREAK you out!

Mazes are a Halloween classic and Great America’s Halloween Haunt presents not one, but, eight haunted mazes!
1. Zombie High
2. Wax Museum Chamber of Horrors
3. Toy Factor
4. Roadkill Road House
5. Madame Marie’s Massacre Manor
6. Dia De Los Muertos
7. Dead & Breakfast
8. Cornstalkers

At the Halloween Haunt you simply can’t miss the three Scare Zones. But just be sure to keep your friends close! You wouldn’t want to find your way out all alone.

1. Evacuate
2. Killer Clown Town
3. Lockdown

And if you still think you can handle just a little more freight then check out the Horror Shows.

1. Academy of Villains
2. Blood Drums
3. Nytewalkers
4. Sideshow

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