49ers Museum in Santa Clara

Fall is here and so is football! Now everyone is probably more excited about how their favorite teams will play this year. They’ll be focused on stats, injury reports, change-ups, and let us not forget Fantasy Football. However, it is just as exciting to revisit your team’s history, their organization, and their accomplishments. If you call yourself a San Francisco 49ers fan and you’re lucky enough to live in the bay or plan on visiting then head on over to one-of-kind 49ers Museum, located at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara CA,

The 49ers Museum features eleven unique galleries that portray the 49ers sports franchise. In their one way, each gallery depicts the values of education, innovation, and heritage that have grown this franchise as a valuable member of the Bay Area community. After you experience the 49ers museum you’ll appreciate its dynamic interactive journey designed specifically for the team’s dedicated fans of all ages.

Here are the 11 exhibits at the 49ers Museum:

1. Trending Gallery

This is the first exhibit you’ll see once entering the museum. Here you’ll learn everything new that is happening with the team and the organization. It’s a gallery with monitors displaying the latest news on their social media accounts.
Neat Factor:
Some of original Candlestick deep red seats are placed here and you’re allowed to sit on them. Everything is up to date, but those original seats will give you a kick of nostalgia.

2. Morabito Theater

Here you get the opportunity to watch the 49ers organization’s history through a film on large screen in a quality made theater.
Neat Factor:
It’s not just any film, you’ll be watching 4K quality video on a 50′ x 18′ black screen.

3. Edward J. Debartolo, SR, 49ers Hall of Fame

This is an actual hall filled with statues of the greatest 49ers in their historical or signature poses. The statues are life-size and you’re allowed to take pictures! The 49ers put in a lot of effort and research to make this exhibit truly astonishing.
Neat Factor:
Each statue took approximately 350 hours to complete.
There is also a constructed replica of the great Bill Wash’s office.

4. Team
Here you can listen to 49ers Alumni give tell their achievements and best memories of being part of this organization.
Neat Factor:
You can also find additional information on all 49ers players who play or have ever played for the team on a multimedia database.

5. Bill Wash Innovation
Here there is a constructed replica of the great coach, Bill Wash.
Neat Factor:
Bill Wash has one of the greatest coach rankings in all of the NFL.

6. Heritage
This exhibit features a timeline of the 49ers greatest moments by decade.
Neat Factor:
The display of this gallery is actually in the form of a spiral.

7. Spirit
Ok, all of this exhibits are very cool, but don’t feel like something’s missing? I don’t know maybe like a fictional character who gets the crowd cheering and never misses a 49ers football game? Oh, that’s right! Sourdough Sam. The museum didn’t forget about the 49ers mascot, in fact, they dedicated a whole exhibit to the mascot’s history and spirit elements of the fan experience at 49ers games.

8. Denise Debartolo York Educational Center
This section is part of the 49ers organization to foster education programs and activities for Bay Area children.

9. In The Game
You definitely can’t say you didn’t interact with the 49ers museum after this exhibit because it’s a stimulating virtual football game.

10. By The Numbers
Here the museum takes an interesting approach to incorporate the significance that number and stats have in the game of football.

11. Super Bowls

Also Known as the Great Finale, and home of the five Lombardi Trophies won by the 49ers in past Super Bowls.
Neat Factor:
Seeing these trophies first-hand will pump you and ready to cheer on your team for the rest of football season.
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