KoJa Kitchen

Have you heard about Koja? If not you need to know about this place now! There are four locations one in Berkeley, Emeryville, San Francisco and San Jose. Whenever you are nearby one of their locations you must stop by Koja Kitchen and try anything from its delicious Asian fusion menu.

Koja cooks and sells special gourmet sandwiches and combo plates with a combination of Korean and Japanese culinary. Unlike regular sandwiches that using basic boring bread buns, Koja switches use freshly made crispy garlic rice plates to substitute buns. Hear me out it is a new taste but what matters is that it taste good.

Their menu offers Koja burgers. The most popular burger is the Short Rib Koja with Korean bbq short rib, sesame vinaigrette lettuce, katsu aiolo, sesame seeds and rice buns There are bowls with your choice of meat served over white or brown furikake seasoned rice and spring mix. There are Koja style tacos and salads with cheap prices. They prepare a unique side dish of french fries included the popular choice of crisis cut waffle fries with minced Korean bbq, kimchi, Japanese mayo, red sauce and green onions. No wonder they call it Kamikaze Fries.

Koja Kitchen also provides catering service. Once you try it you will love it.