Holiday Ice Rinks

It may not snow in the Bay Area, but with our creative and innovative character cities in the Bay could not resit setting up holiday ice rinks for the public to enjoy. Come skate on outdoor ice rinks that are frozen solid and ready for you to make the best out of winter in the Bay. Wait no longer, head to the nearest ice rink and lace up those skate shoes.

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You won’t want to miss these Holiday Lights

Light displays how the ability to catch our attention. There is something about them that is incredibly memorizing. This year in San Francisco Illuminate SF is celebrating the holiday season through New Years 2017 with a collection of light displays throughout San Francisco’s neighborhoods by 31 artists. What better way than to start the new year with a bright future.

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Top 6 Family Rides at California’s Great America

Amusement parks are fun and all, but sometimes you have friends or family who are not willing to fully join you in your thrilling adventures. Or sometimes you have younger siblings or children who want to have fun but can’t ride the bigger rides like Gold Sticker and Flight Deck. That’s where California’s Great America comes in, it’s a fun amusement park with various rides to choose from and anyone can enjoy.

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