The Bay Area

The Bay Area is North California’s treasure. In the Bay Area, you can enjoy the scenic coast, diverse culture, cities, fine wine, distinct food, sports, and tech-savvy innovation.

This region is home to metropolitan areas including San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. It is home to Silicon Valley which is leading the world in the tech industry. It is home to historically and ongoing successful sports teams. It is home to renowned educational institutions from Pre-K to universities. It is home to wide rural and fertile land in the north near Napa, in the west near Watsonville, and in the south near Gilroy. It is home to beautiful landscapes, terrain, and ocean coastline from the peninsula, past Santa Cruz and down to Monterey. It is home to protected wildlife sanctuaries, forests, and animals. And it is home to various problems as well, however, the community is strong. And together they work to ensure that their home flourishes.

Sure the weather is great, but people truly appreciate the Bay Area for these very elements that contribute to this region’s beauty, diversity, and uniqueness.