49ers Museum in Santa Clara

Fall is here and so is football! Now everyone is probably more excited about how their favorite teams will play this year. They’ll be focused on stats, injury reports, change-ups, and let us not forget Fantasy Football. However, it is just as exciting to revisit your team’s history, their organization, and their accomplishments. If you call yourself a San Francisco 49ers fan and you’re lucky enough to live in the bay or plan on visiting then head on over to one-of-kind 49ers Museum, located at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara CA, Continue reading


6 South Bay Food Staples

In the South Bay, you’ll find food of all sorts. You’ll discover that there’s an abundance of locally based food restaurants with food so good that you’ll definitely keep coming back for more. There’s something special about locally owned food stops. Whether it’s the atmosphere, quirky names on the menu or the actual taste of the food you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth. Here’s a list of South Bay located food staples shouldn’t miss out on. Continue reading

Big Sur Getaway

Life in the Bay Area can become a life of routine. For any commuter averaging a total of 40 minutes or more to arrive at their job on Monday through Friday, it can quickly become a total drag. Fortunately for us mere commuters we live in the Bay Area, home to many beautiful parks. Big Sur is one of these places and its located just south of the bay and past Monterey Ca. You’ll head south on a miniature road trip down Highway 1. Take a day off, head to Big Sur, or even better spend a whole weekend there. Every once in a while, we need a feel of adventure and Big Sur is surrounded by incredible wilderness and scenery that will keep you on your toes.

Continue reading